108 Sun Salutations

Sunday March 31st


Join Klara Sunday March 31 @1pm for the next round of 108 Sun Salutations.  She'll guide you through the whole process (although, you do not have to do every single one), which feels like a moving meditation.  Click below to sign up and navigate to the date/time of the class.  Regular class pricing applied.  Fun fact: there are 108 beads on a strand of Mala beads.  


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SoulShine Book Club 

+Yoga Clothes Swap

April 7 @ 4pm

Yesterday was filled with great talks, great people, and lovely snacks and wine.  We'll be doing it again next month on Sunday April 7th.  Since Daring Greatly was such a heavy hitter, we went with something a little different.  We'll be reading 'The Library Book' by Susan Orlean.  All are welcome!  We'll discuss the book, and then choose the next one.  Also, YOGA CLOTHES SWAP again!  Bring lightly used yoga clothes if you wish to swap/shop with others.  Super casual, all are welcome!!!  Happy reading!!!!

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Moon Township's Yoga Studio

Unwind & Restore

Sunday April 28th

2-3:30pm & 4:30-6pm 

You've got two chances to join Lauren in APRIL.  Sunday April 28th, find 90 minutes of deep relaxation.  Both classes dive deep into restorative yoga, using allllll the props and allowing for maximum comfort.  We're talking eye pillows, blankets, bolsters and she even tucks you in!!!  Click the button below and navigate to the class date and click 'Sign Up' to reserve your spot!  $25 per person, regular class pricing does not apply and only 6 spots per class.


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