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Studio Etiquette & FAQS

  • Try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to allow time to settle in, familiarize yourself with the studio or fill out any new students forms and waivers.  We'll open the doors 30 minutes prior to class, unless there is a class still in session. 
  • Leave your cell phones in the lobby outside of the yoga room.  This is your time; take advantage of that and disconnect.
  • Be mindful of those around you and leave the heavy perfumes and colognes for date night! 
  • Be respectful of those in the yoga studio, and arrive and leave quietly. 
  • Keep your eyes on your own mat.  Your practice will look totally different from everybody else's, so no need to compare.  
  • Use the restroom before class; if you need to leave the studio during class, please do so quietly between poses
  • Avoid leaving class during Savasana; final relaxation is a very important part of your yoga practice and experience

What to bring?  Come as you are! Have a mat, bring it! Don't have one, we have some to borrow! Have a hand towel and a water bottle? Bring those, too! If not, we've got ya covered. We've got hand towels and a water fountain with some spare cups.   

What to wear? Light athletic clothes are best; avoid 100% cotton materials.  Please keep in mind that our studio is family friendly and dress accordingly. Most importantly, wear something you are comfortable in that won’t be a distraction to your practice!  And for Yin Yoga, bring layers like a sweater and socks. 

What if I'm new? What can I expect?  Our instructors are trained to instruct new through advanced students.  No prior experience is necessary, everybody has to start somewhere.  And we acknowledge that every body is different, and everybody's practice will be different.  There is no one-size-fits-all recipe to follow.  Do what you can and what feels best for you.  We'll encourage you to move, breath, create space and have fun!

But I'm not flexible!  Then yoga is perfect for you!  With consistency your yoga practice will help to improve strength and flexibility. 

Should I eat before class?  It's best to practice on an empty or light stomach.  Eat something an hour or two before class to avoid discomfort.  And make sure you hydrate before, during and after class.  We've got a water fountain and extra cups, help yourself!

Most importantly, we want you to move with ease, feel supported, and just breath.  


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